The Network Meets

This weekend (November 26-28) will see the network meet for the first time.  The Plantin-Moretus museum in Antwerp will very generously play host to a series of papers and roundtable discussions on themes which will help set the agenda for the rest of the project, as well as beginning to examine the circulation of news, and the reception of particular news events, in and between the Low Countries and other European centres. There will be papers from Carmen Espejo (“European Communications Networks in the Early Modern Age”), Andrew Pettegree (“What constitutes a news print in 16th-century Europe?”), and Paul Arblaster, and we are delighted to welcome Helmer Helmers (Leiden and Amsterdam), who will address the representation of the English Civil War in Dutch pamphlets, and Nina Lamal (K.U. Leuven), speaking on the early years of the Dutch troubles as represented in Italian avvisi.

Also in attendance will be Nikolaus Schobesberger, representing the Fuggerzeitungen digitisation project based at the University of Vienna, Dirk Imhof, of the Plantin-Moretus Museum itself, and Arjan van Dixhoorn, of the Centre for History of Science at the University of Ghent.  We’re looking forward to what promises to be a series of fruitful and fascinating discussions – stay tuned for a full account of the proceedings next week.


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