Forthcoming News Networks Events: Paris, Frankfurt, Seville

The News Networks calendar is gradually filling up:

  •  Workshop II: Paris, May 9th-11th 2012.  Religion, Language and Geography.

To consider early modern news networks in their European context we must examine how, and indeed whether, news was altered or adapted as it moved between legal jurisdictions, across national borders and confessional boundaries, and as it was translated out of its original language; how news events in one country were reported in others; how the technologies and terminologies of news affected its reception; the extent to which foreign news was subject to state censorship; and how the differences between news media were received in their various contexts. The Paris meeting will feature discussions of papers from Stéphane Haffemayer, André Belo, Marion Brétéché, Johann Petitjean, and Mario Infelise.

  • Workshop III: Frankfurt, August 31st – September 2nd 2012: Networks and Centres

For the Frankfurt meeting we will turn our focus to the mechanisms of news production and distribution; the practices and configuration of the various scholarly, commercial, scientific, diplomatic, and confessional networks that helped spread the news; the role of the emerging postal networks; and the public spaces in which news was exchanged and discussed.

  • Workshop IV: Seville, November 22nd-23rd 2012: National & International News (1) – The Iberian Peninsula

The fourth meeting will be organised around a detailed case study of Iberian news in the 17th and 18th centuries.

More details of these and subsequent events will be posted as they arise.  Those with enquiries about the project and its meetings, or suggestions for useful avenues for exploration, should direct them to the network facilitator, Noah Moxham (


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