News Networks meets in Rennes – Programme

The second meeting of News Networks will take place in two weeks’ time, kindly hosted by the Université Rennes 2.  Discussions will focus on the national vocabularies and terminologies of early modern news, French news in translation, the circulation and reception of news among different social groups, the social differences between news media, the Gazette de France, and case studies of the Franco-Dutch and Ottoman-Venetian axes of news transmission.  We’re delighted to welcome a number of distinguished associate contributors; the full programme of speakers and paper titles, for what we hope will be an extremely interesting and fruitful workshop, is as follows:

1) ‘The circulation and uses of news among French provincial gentry in the late 16th Century’ (Mark Greengrass, University of Sheffield))

2) ‘La nouvelle en mots et en chiffres: structures d’un système d’information’ (la Gazette des années 1680).  (Stéphane Haffemayer, Université de Caen)

3) ‘News exchange and social distinction: some examples from France and Portugal’ (André Belo, Université de Rennes 2)

4) The national vocabularies of news (Paul Arblaster, André Belo, Carmen Espejo, Joad Raymond)

5) ‘The origins and use of the term ‘Gazette’’ (Mario Infelise, Universita Ca’ Foscari, Venice)

6) ‘Problems and priorities when translating continental news in Early Modern England’ (Sara Barker, University of Exeter)

7) ‘Entre plume et presse(s). Publier l’actualité politique en français depuis la Hollande au tournant des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles’ (Marion Brétéché, Paris-IV Sorbonne)

8) ‘L’information comme configuration, ou comment les papes s’informaient sur l’Empire ottoman et la Méditerranée orientale’ (Johann Petitjean, Ecole Française de Rome)

Further news, announcements, and reports on the proceedings will be appearing on this blog, and on the project website, in due course.


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