Vienna – September 2012

Following two very productive and stimulating meetings in Antwerp and Rennes, News Networks in Early Modern Europe are proceeding to our third methodological workshop in Vienna.  We’re very pleased to be able to announce the collaboration of the Fugger Newsletters project at the University of Vienna, who will be hosting this meeting at the Institute for Austrian Historical Research.

The Fuggerzeitungen team are engaged in producing a searchable calendar of the 16000-plus handwritten newsletters commissioned and collected by members of the Fugger banking family (principally by Octavian Secundus and Philip Edward Fugger) in the last third of the 16th Century, now held in the collections of the Austrian National Library.  This ambitious project will provide fascinating insights into one of the major news-gathering networks of the early modern period, its structure, organisation and priorities.  We’re very pleased to be afforded a glimpse of their ongoing efforts, and extremely grateful for their hospitality.

Previous meetings have considered the scope and definition of early modern news media, the forms they took, current historiography,  and the impact of language, geography, religion and rank on the production, circulation and consumption of news in Europe.  The Viennese meeting will focus on networks and centres: communities of news-gathering (mercantile, scholarly, diplomatic) and infrastructures of news transmission (paying special attention to European postal networks and the challenges of mapping early modern news distribution.)  More information about the programme will be available shortly, here and on the project blog, as well as the Fuggerzeitungen website.


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