Seville: November 22-23, 2013

News Networks is gathering for its fourth and largest meeting yet – in Seville, at CICUS (Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla).  In addition to the core participants, we will be hearing papers from Henry Ettinghausen, Antonio Castillo Gomez, Renate Pieper, Daniel Pimenta Oliveira de Carvalho, Javier Diaz Noci, Inmaculada Casas Delgado, and Alexander Wilkinson.  See the programme below:

The overarching topic of the two last seminars in Seville and Venice is “International News”, and the particular topic of the Seville meeting is “Centre and periphery”: periphery both within and beyond Europe. The seminar will study how more peripheral territories such as Spain and Portugal were linked – if indeed they were – with the news networks that started in central Europe, and, on the other side, how the farthest territories from Europe as the Ottoman Empire and America were linked with the European news networks.

One further aim of the seminar is the reassessment of some aspects of Iberian journalism in the Early Modern period. Oftentimes, Spanish and Portuguese journalism are thought to have lagged behind Central and Northern Europe journalism. The aim of this meeting is to reinterpret the history of Iberian journalism, with attempts to provide further insights about the period and to frame this history within the global history of European journalism.


Thursday 22nd November

9:30. Alexander Wilkinson (University College Dublin, Ireland): Features of the Iberian Press.

11:00. Renate Pieper (University of Graz, Austria): The Spanish monopoly position concerning America in the European network of the handwritten avisi of the 16th century.

12:30. Daniel Pimenta Oliveira de Carvalho (EHESS, France): De la Gazette française au Mercurio Portuguez. Parcours et usages de l’information pendant la guerre de la Restauration portugaise (1640-1668).

15:30. Antonio Castillo Gómez (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Spain): “Défense d’afficher”. Contestation religieuse et répression dans le Siècle d’Or hispanique.

17:00. Henry Ettinghausen (University of Southampton, UK): International Relations: Spanish, Italian, French, English and German printed single event newsletters prior to Renaudot’s Gazette.

Friday 23th November

9:30. Javier Díaz Noci (Universidad Pompeu-Fabra, Spain): Iberian position among European news networks.

11:00. Carmen Espejo (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain): The Prince of Transylvania: Spanish news pamphlets about the war against Turks (1595-1600).

12:30. Visit: Biblioteca Capitular y Colombina

15:30. Inmaculada Casas Delgado (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain): The survival of ancient journalism genres in contemporary Spain.

16:30. André Belo (Université Rennes 2, France): The status and the network of the Gazeteer in 18th century Portugal.

18:00. Round table:  Joad Raymond, Paul Arblaster, Mario Infelise, André Belo , Carmen Espejo: The chronology of the emergence of seriality and periodicity



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