Antwerp Meeting

The Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp will play host to the first meeting of News Networks in Early Modern Europe.  (We’re very grateful to the Museum for making their facilities available to us, and giving us such a fitting backdrop to our research.)  As well as papers from network members, including Carmen Espejo and Paul Arblaster, the workshop will feature contributions from the first of many network associates, including Professor Andrew Pettegree, of the University of St. Andrews, and Dr Helmer Helmers, of the Universities of Leiden and Amsterdam.

This is the first of a series of five workshops to be held over the next eighteen months, thematically organised around a loose progression from the general issues surrounding the histories of news and newspapers in early modern Europe, to particular case studies of specific channels of news transmission, sites of news production, and news events.  The Antwerp meeting will be organised around discussions of media and methods, including questions of definition (what constitutes newsprint in the period?), existing approaches and pitfalls in the history of news, and locality.  More details, and news of additional contributors, to follow…